Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is widely recognized as one of the safest, drug-free, non-invasive therapies to correct and prevent joint and muscle pain.  Dr. Tara Hosie, our skilled chiropractor will help to restore movement, improve proper alignment in your body, and provide continuing care to keep you feeling your best.

Chiropractic care is effective in treating the back, neck, pelvis and joints. The most common and effective treatment in chiropractic care is the chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulative therapy. Adjustment is a very safe, painless manual procedure. A skilled healthcare practitioner applies carefully controlled pressure to restore your normal body alignment. Adjustment is effective in decreasing pain, increasing joint mobility and reducing muscle tightness.

Our Chiropractor, Dr. Jennifer MacLachlan also performs other non-invasive therapies. This includes manual therapies, various soft tissue techniques as well as bioenergetic synchronization technique which is widely used all over the world by health care practitioners who specialize in mind/body healing.

Dr. Tara & Dr. Jenn will work in conjunction with our other practitioners to deliver a thorough, multi-faceted treatment program designed to address your health issues quickly and effectively.

Chiropractic care benefits people of all ages. Ask us how Dr. Tara or Dr. Jenn can contribute to your overall health and well being. 

Integrated Initial

At energyXchange/Physiomed, we believe that when it comes to your health, you should not have to ask for a second opinion. That is why we have taken a proactive approach to ensure that you are given a credible, professional opinion from not one, but two respected authorities in their respective fields. Your integrated initial will consist of a thorough 45-minute examination by Filipina Meija, our Physiotherapist, and a thorough 45-minute examination by Dr. Tara Hosie, our Chiropractic Doctor. Filipina and Dr. Tara will collaborate closely with each other and with our other practitioners to ensure that your treatment plan and overall health care experience are approached from a truly holistic perspective!

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