Why Was Cellupulse Developed?
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Cellupulse was conceived, and still used today in our Physiomed clinic for treatment of injuries to tendons and ligaments. Across the country, during the treatment of these injuries, both the doctors and the athletes noticed a significant side effect- The reduction of cellulite.

The Science Behind Cellupulse: How Does It Tighten Skin and Improve Cellulite?

Women suffer from cellulite at a much higher percentage than men, because a woman's fat is arranged differently in chambers separated by collagen fibers. The dividing walls (septa) of fatty tissue in women run perpendicular to the surface of the skin. As the fat cells enlarge, the perpendicular septa do not hold the fat cells, instead the fat cells press directly upon the skin, creating the dimples on the skin; cellulite.

The procedure uses pressure waves that reduce cellulite by manipulating the connective tissue deep under the skin's surface using acoustic pulses that pass through the skin and fat to release the cells causing cellulite - the fat cells that are 'trapped' under the skin. The pressure breaks up the collagen of the septae and frees up the skin, thus improving its appearance. The acoustic wave process works by increasing circulation, collagen production, and tissue elasticity, and the end result is considerably smoother skin.

Improvement continues to occur after the treatments are completed, as the tissue and collagen continue to heal and re-build.

Other treatments use techniques to promote lymphatic drainage and circulation. These treatments may offer a small temporary improvement in appearance, as do some lotions and creams, but none of these addresses the root cause.

Cellupulse is the first and only treatment to address the primary cause of cellulite - the hardened connective tissue supporting the fat. Significantly reducing your cellulite is possible. CelluPulse is the most advanced, non-surgical method for cellulite reduction available today. Reshape your body with this non-invasive, measurable treatment. The number of recommended treatments is 8 to 10 for maximum results.

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